IE testing in your local dev environment using VirtualBox

I do my web development on my laptop and set up each site as a virtual hosts (e.g. site1.localhost, site2.localhost). In every project you eventually need to do the dreaded IE testing, but how do you access these sites from a virtualized Windows running in VirtualBox?

Setting up a Drupal development environment with lighttpd in Mac OS X

After upgrading to Leopard I finally got fed up with MAMP. I've been using it for development for quite a while, but found it dog slow and I never got the GUI tools to work right under 10.5. I've been using on servers and decided to give it a go on my MacBook Pro. It runs superbly.

This setup requires MacPorts which is a Linux style package management system. Everything you install through MacPorts is contained in the folder /opt and it doesn't tamper with your existing OS X installation.

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