Is dumping that huge array making your browser choke?

Sometimes you need to dump the contents of one of Drupal's many huge arrays and the flood of output produced by dpr() or var_dump() actually causes your browser to freeze. Now what?

Joomla has a security problem: The benefits of centralized contrib hosting

I'm helping a client do a security audit of one of their servers. A couple of their sites are running Joomla, which I have very little experience with, so as part of this I set out to compile a list of available exploits to compare against their Joomla versions and installed components.

A DiggBar Killer/Blocker for Drupal

In the interest of web hygiene I've created a simple module based on that removes the bar and optionally redirects the user to a specific page.

Check it out .

A Markdown WYSIWYM solution for Drupal (or: Markdown for clients that don't sport neck beards)

WYSIWYG editors like FCKeditor and TinyMCE are popular, but in some ways they do more harm than good.

Spruce up your Drupal search box for Safari users (Updated for Drupal 6)

My favourite browser Safari has support for a snazzy custom input field type called "search". This gives the field a rounded look and the ability to remember search history (amongst other things). The major drawback is of course that the HTML will no longer validate since this feature isn't part of the official spec.

In order get around this problem I whipped up a jQuery snippet that dynamically changes the Drupal search input field to a Safari search field if the visitor uses Safari.

Duplicate id attributes for submit buttons in Drupal 5.x

Drupal 5 doesn't generate unique id attributes for form submit buttons. This means that if there's both a login form and a search box on the same page they will both use the same edit-submit id causing the page to fail validation.

edit-On Pro WYSYWYG module for Drupal (Updated)

I've put together that integrates the with Drupal. edit-on Pro is a full-featured cross-platform (Java) editor that outputs clean accessible XHTML. Unfortunately it isn't free/open source. starts at €249 for a 10 seat license.

There is still a fair bit of work to do. For instance the module currently lacks support for image uploads.

XStandard demo site now runs Drupal 6.0


I just finished updating the for Drupal to version 6, making it my first live Drupal 6 site. The only modules I use on it are (obviously), and , so it was as straightforward as it gets. It went pretty smoothly, despite my complete disregard for the upgrade instructions.

Drupal 6.0 is out!


Drupal 6.0 ! No 6.x versions of or are out yet, so I'll have to hold off upgrading my sites a while longer.

I'm very exited about the new built-in multilanguage support. The old i18n contrib module didn't always work right with other modules since many module authors didn't take it into account.

I'm also looking forward to sinking my teeth into the improved theming system with the new .

XStandard module version 1.0 released

I've finally decided to roll out version 1.0 of my .

So why choose XStandard over FCKeditor or TinyMCE? Simply put, it produces valid markup. The pro version can actually filter material pasted from Word into semantic XHTML while retaining structure. Here's a full .

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