Safari960 - A grid overlay extension for Safari

I've used various grid bookmarklets in the past, but they always do a lot more than I need and I never like the defaults. Yesterday I finally decided to roll up my sleeves and scratch my itch by making a very simple grid overlay extension for Safari.

IE testing in your local dev environment using VirtualBox

I do my web development on my laptop and set up each site as a virtual hosts (e.g. site1.localhost, site2.localhost). In every project you eventually need to do the dreaded IE testing, but how do you access these sites from a virtualized Windows running in VirtualBox?

I turned off comments


I decided to switch off comments. Most comments were spam and I've realized I don't really have the time (or frankly the interest) to discuss stuff in the comments anyway.

If you want to give me feedback on a post, please contact me via the contact form or on .

Joomla has a security problem: The benefits of centralized contrib hosting

I'm helping a client do a security audit of one of their servers. A couple of their sites are running Joomla, which I have very little experience with, so as part of this I set out to compile a list of available exploits to compare against their Joomla versions and installed components.

Getting a Huawei E220 3G modem to work under Snow Leopard

I had some problems getting my Huawei E220 3G USB modem running under Snow Leopard. The drivers from Telia and didn't work. Turns out Huawei has another site over at with updated drivers.

Here are the steps I took.

A DiggBar Killer/Blocker for Drupal

In the interest of web hygiene I've created a simple module based on that removes the bar and optionally redirects the user to a specific page.

Check it out .

Using the HTML5 <video> tag with a Flash fallback

The HTML5 <video> tag makes it possible to embed video clips in web pages much like how the <img> tag works for images. The browser itself provides the playback functionality without any need for plugins like Quicktime or Flash.

A Markdown WYSIWYM solution for Drupal (or: Markdown for clients that don't sport neck beards)

WYSIWYG editors like FCKeditor and TinyMCE are popular, but in some ways they do more harm than good.

Spruce up your Drupal search box for Safari users (Updated for Drupal 6)

My favourite browser Safari has support for a snazzy custom input field type called "search". This gives the field a rounded look and the ability to remember search history (amongst other things). The major drawback is of course that the HTML will no longer validate since this feature isn't part of the official spec.

In order get around this problem I whipped up a jQuery snippet that dynamically changes the Drupal search input field to a Safari search field if the visitor uses Safari.

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